About Us

About Us

The leader in Industrial Automation

In a very competitive industry environment, quality service and staying updated on cutting edge technology is an important factor for success. Absolute Motion Pvt Ltd was formed with the vision to provide expert solutions & service in Industrial Automation and Robotics Industry and to bridge the gap between Industry and students. At Absolute Motion, we put our expert application engineers at your disposal for the development and maintenance of your Industrial Automation systems. From providing highly efficient service to fully streamlining your industrial application software development, Absolute Motion is your partner of choice.

Partnering with us allows you to leverage our core development skills so you can reallocate your resources where they are most effective, resulting in improved overall quality and optimized development time. You can partner with us by having us develop a standalone application program (Motion or process automation) or by contracting us through a service agreement to work alongside you on your project.


To deliver innovative, reliable and effective solutions and services in the field of Industrial Automation.


We are our own competition. We push ourselves to excel beyond our targets and expectations.


To Be the company that best understands and innovated to satisfy the needs of clients in Industry.


To be recognized as a cutting-edge solution and service organization.